The first step …..

“Before beginning a Hunt, it is wise to ask someone what you are looking for before you begin looking for it.”  Winnie the Pooh

Reknowned for his wisdom, Winnie the Pooh is certainly well placed as the smartest bear (at least in the hundred acre wood)!  When we launch on a new journey the crucial first step is to know where you are going – else how will you know when you get there?!  We would never consider taking a trip on a plane, train or bus without knowing where the journey will take us.  Yet somehow many of us can travel through life without a particularly clear idea or plan for where we would like to finish up.

The research in the area of resilience is clear, to have a sense of ‘purpose’ is a protective strategy to help us survive the bumps, crashes and highs of life.  The challenge for us in our day to day lives is how we live consistently with our purpose and goals, and keep them firmly on our radar.

Commencing this blog is an example in point.  It has taken me some time to put fingers to the keyboard to commence this first post.  That within itself illustrates one of the key points of goal setting … getting started is sometimes the hardest part!  Knowing what you want to achieve, the standard you wish to reach, why you want to make those achievements and what it’s going to take to do it, particularly when the bumps in the road come along is what determines our level of success.

Sometimes our goals are very clear – I want to race 100m at the Olympics or I want to be a teacher; and at other times they have greater ambiguity – I want to become a better cook.  Ideally the great clarity and specificity we can put on our goals, the clearer we will be in our path towards achieving it.  However, life is not always black and white and sometimes our goals show real and important shades of grey.

So, I know I want to write a blog, write on it regularly, and have some idea as to what content, themes and direction I want it to take – but as for what it will develop into and what shape it may take, of this I am less sure.  It is that uncertainty that I need to become comfortable with.  The clients and organisations I work with constantly remind me that it is uncertainty, lack of control, and lack of predictability that can cause ones wheels to become loose from the wagon.  However, all of these factors are individually perceived – what is unpredictable and frightening to one may be exciting and exhilarating to another.

So as the blog journey begins, with uncertainty and less structure than I would typically wish upon myself, I will do well to remind myself ….. it has begun and can only get easier from here!

So I wonder what journey you could begin today?  In what direction would you like to head?  And what would be the first small (yet very significant) step you could take?



1 thought on “The first step …..

  1. Yes it is amazing how much talent and potential goes unrealised because that first step was never taken.

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